Day 1. Are you ready to change your life?


I’m glad you’re on the path to health and longevity with ketosis.

A keto diet is a great tool for breaking free from sugar addiction and those nagging hunger pangs. The keto diet is great for losing weight – at the expense of fat, not muscle. It’s also great for gaining energy and a greater sense of well-being.

Let’s not waste any time, we need to get into ketosis in 7 days! Today I suggest you do two tasks.

The first task: read the text about the contraindications for the keto carefully. They’re few, very few. But they’re there. Let’s make sure that you can enter the new world of well-being without any problems.

The second task: make preparations.

Detox your home, pockets, and bags – remove everything that doesn’t comply with the principles of keto.

Make a plan: what to eat, how to react to people who butt in with unsolicited advice, and what to keep ready for a snack should you crave one.

Detailed instructions on what needs to go can be found at the link. We’ll talk about the shopping plan in the next letter.

In the meantime check yourself with these questions:

A banta is:

a) a root vegetable is forbidden on the keto diet 

b) a type of low-carb diet 

c) the type of hernia for which the keto diet is contraindicated

Can the keto diet be followed for adrenal fatigue syndrome?

– yes

– no

The acetone smell of the body and breath during the first days of the keto diet 

– horror, horror, eat a cake ASAP

– will pass.

Any questions? Ask in the closed group on FB!

And see you tomorrow!

Health coach Olena

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