Day 2. Ready, steady, go!


I hope you haven’t wasted any time. Tuned in, with fire in your eyes, and ready to feel the rush of power and energy.

Have you done your homework? Correct answers: banta = low-carbohydrate—high-fat diet, the smell of acetone at the beginning of the keto is possible and not dangerous, it will pass by itself, and in the case of adrenal fatigue syndrome, the keto diet will help if the problem’s started recently.

Today’s theory section deals with fats and vegetables on the keto diet. Protein is easy – it’s meat, fish, poultry, seafood, and eggs, there is no catch, you can have them all.

Today I offer you a new challenge. It’s just one, but it’ll take at least an hour of your time.

The task “Planning is the key to success” 

In the attached file, write a list of your favorite foods in the left column. As many as you can remember, but at least 20 dishes. You can really let yourself go, including the starters, the main course, dessert, and soft drinks. Yes, potato salad, cinnabons, and cheesecake can be included in this list. French fries and milkshakes. Do you like fat-free cottage cheese or chicken breast? I don’t share your tastes, but I accept. Write, write, write!

And then go to the Recipes section and search for keto substitutes, write them neatly in the right column, e.g.:

Fried potatoes – kohlrabi fries.

Draniki – avocado draniki.

Cinnamon buns – cinnamon buns.

Now we need to draft a menu. We’ll talk more about the PFC and the number of meals, but we’ll do it later. I want you to create a three-course menu for a week using the dishes in the right column, according to the following model:


Eggs in any form (scrambled, boiled, egg muffins)

Protein product (ham, salmon, tuna, chicken leftovers from yesterday)

Something green (cucumber, lettuce, avocado, zucchini)

Something fatty (olive oil in a salad or ghee-fried zucchini)


Protein products (meat, fish, poultry, seafood)

Vegetables with oil (sauerkraut or salad with olive oil, mashed cauliflower)


Fatty protein and vegetables with butter (e.g., a piece of steak with melted butter and fresh radishes)

That’s it. Don’t count anything. Make a meal plan for the week and then a shopping list.

Stock your fridge and kitchen cabinets with foods – simple and basic, no exotics, no special foods labeled Keto.

If this sounds like rocket science to you, sign up for the Discovery Call to learn how a keto coach can help you navigate the world of healthy foods.

Please don’t start a keto diet until you’ve stocked your fridge with the right foods and made your prep work. That is a sure path to failure. First the plan, then the groceries, and only then the start.

As an aside:

Buy salt, good quality salt – Himalayan, sea salt, rock salt. Any salt will do except for refined table salt, which is purified of all additional minerals. A potassium salt is a cool option.

Buy sugar-free water, any herbal tea you like, lemon, or ginger. Basically, anything that motivates you to drink. Keto is “dehydrating”, especially at the beginning, so unsweetened beverages should be on hand.


a) What’s odd one out here: oysters, scallops, marbled beef, herring, bluefin tuna, asparagus, quail b) What’s the best fat to buy to start the keto diet – coconut oil or mutton tallow?

c) Broccoli, eggplant, cucumber, spinach, beet – if these veggies were in a competition to be added to the keto menu, who would you give the first place to and how would you distribute the following places?

By the way, one more task for your karma. Copy this link and forward it to a friend who is tired of struggling with obesity, health problems, lethargy, and apathy. Let’s share the keto knowledge and help others feel better. The Promo code for a friendly discount is KETOSISFRIEND

See you soon!

Health coach Olena

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