Day 3. Talking about doubts.


So, is your fridge full of healthy foods? Did you start your day by scrambling eggs? 

Let’s see if you answered the last self-check questions correctly.

In the exquisite array of oysters, scallops, marbled beef, bluefin tuna, asparagus, and quail, a simple herring seems redundant, but no. Protein foods dominate this list, but asparagus is a source of carbohydrates. Nevertheless, it’s allowed on keto. Wrap it up in bacon and bake it.

Having a vegetable contest is a lost cause. If you’re a healthy person with excellent insulin sensitivity, eggplant and sometimes even beets will fit into your keto regimen. If you already have health issues, you can experiment – exclude foods for 2-3 weeks and see how your body reacts to their absence, and then their return to your diet. The same goes for fats. Choose your favorites from the foods that are allowed. The keto diet should be delicious!

Today I want to talk to you about doubts.

The keto diet is so contrary to conventional ideas of proper nutrition that you are entitled to have a million questions.

What about my brain going without carbohydrates?

Everything is fine, it needs energy, not sugar. And fat is a great “clean” source of energy.

Can you get cancer from eating meat?

There are no studies to prove that. But it’s clear that it depends on the quality of the meat. There is a world of difference between McDonald’s patties between buns and farm-raised lamb.

Oh, my kidneys, my liver, my pancreas, my intestines, what will they “say”?

They’ll thank you for it!

Current research shows that keto helps to get rid of bloating, improve microflora, reduce the production of immune cells involved in inflammation, and more.

But there’s still a little worm of doubt.

What if it doesn’t work for me? Just as counting calories over a long time, following the Dukan diet, intermittent fasting, losing weight, and vegetarianism didn’t work before? 

How am I supposed to go out and eat cakes and pies then?

There could be even more to that! You may not even be aware that for many years you have been prevented from changing your eating style, losing weight, and becoming more productive by feelings that have nothing to do with food.

The ketogenic diet will change your life.

What do you feel when you read this?

Does it make you excited or scared?

Obesity, illness, lethargy, and weakness can be our defenses. We’re afraid to make decisions, look for a new job, to enter new relationships, or change our current ones. And so we hide behind a layer of fat. We start a diet and let it go as soon as an obstacle gets in our way.

But you know what? The keto diet will change your life for the better. I know that for a fact. It’s pure biochemistry. Your mind will become brighter, your emotional state will become more stable, and more positive. And with the keto diet, there are far fewer barriers than with any other diet. Not even barriers – merely bumps! 

Stumbling block #1: the keto flu.

This is an uncomfortable condition – without a fever! – similar to a cold. Weakness, everything hurts a headache, no concentration.

Rest, salt, water, and magnesium will help.

It goes away in a few days, the keto flu rarely lasts a week, usually 2-3 days.

Stumbling block #2: constipation.

Yes, this does happen. And it can last quite a long time.

Fat, magnesium, water, exercise, and relaxation exercises can help you.

First, don’t confuse constipation with decreased “outgoing” amount – yes, that’s an amazing keto effect too. Constipation means pain and discomfort. Second, the bowel is very dependent on our emotional state. The sooner you relax, the sooner it’ll work.

Take moderate exercise outdoors, at least go for a walk – this is the most natural movement for the body. The body is a complex system; it needs fat, air, rest and activity to get the bowels going.

Stumbling block #3: headache.

The pain usually spreads all over the head. Brrr.

Salt and bone broth can help.

It happens to the best of us on the keto diet. You forget to have enough salt and get a blow to the head. In those situations, I just lick a handful of salt off my palm – like a moose. You can stir it into water.

Stumbling block #4: cramps.

Waking up and having cramps in your legs is a classic!

Magnesium, potassium, and sodium will help you. And salt again!

Measure out 2-2.5 teaspoons of good salt in the morning and use it throughout the day.

Stumbling block #5: no support.

Or worse, your loved ones sabotage your new venture.

Support from like-minded people, such as in our closed group, will help you.

And one more piece of advice from an experienced woman: don’t try to change anyone’s mind. You can tell those who are out of the loop that you’re “allergic to carbs.” And you know your people better than anyone. They may also be afraid that you’ll change, and they won’t, so you’ll lose your interest in them. Fewer carbohydrates, and more attention to your loved ones – will mean gain for all.

If someone close to you gets interested in the keto diet, great! People who start a diet with friends have more success losing weight. Send them a link to our newsletter and get into ketosis together!

And as usual, a self-check!

How many carbohydrates does your brain need per day from food to function properly?

а) 0 b) 25 g c) 11-14 g

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