Day 4. I see a goal, I see no obstacle.


How are you doing? I hope you’re enjoying every keto meal you’ve prepared. This is very important! Please don’t eat eggs if you don’t like them. Oven-baked ham is good a breakfast option as an omelet on lard. Enjoy your food. And enjoy life.

Consider this as the number one mission, not for just today, but forever.

And the second task today is to set and fix your goals.

Take a photo: in tight clothes or underwear, full body view, and profile.

And take a close-up. But please, without any filter or blur. Be honest with yourself (and just don’t show this photo to anyone if you don’t like it yet). It’s best to take the photo in the morning, face the window and snap it.

Take measurements – with the help of a measuring tape: waist and hips (and if there are any problem areas, you can measure them too).

Write down in a notebook, or your phone notes – somewhere you won’t lose – what problems you have that you want to solve with the keto diet. Write down whatever is on your mind at the moment. Above all, try to record as many details as possible.

If you suffer from migraines, write how many times a month you’re plagued by them.

If it is weight – how many extra kilos do you have.

Pain, swelling, lethargy, sleepiness – write everything down.

Now let’s choose the priority goal. It should be measurable, tangible, and achievable within a certain period of time. Not to lose 20 kg, but to lose 5 kg (that’s realistic) and 5 cm in the waist during the first month on keto.

But what about ketosis, you will ask. Shouldn’t that be our goal? No, no, and no! Our goal is health, longevity, productivity, a strong, enduring body, and a good mood. Ketosis is a tool, not a goal.

Even if you’re not in ketosis yet, but you’re already eating whole, natural, high-fat foods and have limited your carb intake, you’ll already feel the positive effects of ketosis (or the keto flu first and then the effects – depending on how lucky you are).

That’s why I talk about ketosis only in the fourth letter.

During the first week of ketosis, I urge you not to get too concerned with measuring ketone bodies, weighing food, or yourself.

Let this become your habit first:

Eat whole, natural, fatty foods.

Eat when you’re hungry until you’re satiated.

Plan what you’ll eat during the week.

But for the impatient, tomorrow I will give some life hacks on how to feel the magic of ketosis sooner rather than later.

And a self-check! (By the way, the answer to the last letter’s question is 0. The brain easily gets the glucose it needs from the body’s reserves and works great on fats)

The absence of acute hunger on the keto diet is explained by these facts:

– Blood glucose levels are normalized, as insulin levels do as well

– Beta-hydroxybutyrate affects ghrelin and cholecystokinin.

– I don’t understand anything at all, can I’ve some more butter, please?

How can you tell if you’re in ketosis?

– measure the ketones in the urine

– assess your condition: thirst, no hunger, a boost of energy – bingo!

Health coach Olena

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