Day 5. A fast way into ketosis.


How are you getting on? Eating when you’re hungry? Have you reached the Zen of satiety? Has the puffiness disappeared, has your facial oval tightened up? If not, let’s say a word or two about how to boost ketosis a bit.

But first, the answers to the self-check in last week’s letter.

A sure sign that you’re in ketosis is a long-lasting feeling of fullness – 4-5-10 hours! You also want to drink and pee. Don’t hold yourself back. And don’t forget about the salt.

On the keto diet, your dependency on food is not so overwhelming: You no longer come to the fridge at night in a semi-conscious state and stuff yourself with burgers and ice cream, snack on sweets and croissants because you feel your brain shutting down. You can easily go for many hours without food. And this all thanks to the fact that blood sugar levels are restored to normal, and with them insulin levels, and beta-hydroxybutyrate affects the hunger hormone ghrelin and the neurotransmitter cholecystokinin, which triggers the satiety signal. Let’s toast with a glass of bulletproof coffee in honor of this joyous fact!

Speaking about bulletproof coffee, it’s one way to get into ketosis quickly. But first things first.

Today is the fifth day of your keto diet, and if you’ve been sticking to the plan, you may already be in ketosis. If not, don’t worry, that’s okay, we’re all different, some need more time, some less. Let’s just make sure that you:

CUT OUT SNACKING. Eating two or three meals a day is fine. But if you ate breakfast, lunch, dinner and had coffee with cream twice in between, nuts and kefir once before bed, congratulations, you’ve eaten seven times. Don’t do that.

CUT BACK ON CARBS. On keto you can make keto desserts, eat berries and nuts, many people allow themselves high-fat dairy products. But most of the time, these wonderful foods often cause you to exceed the carbohydrate norm, and significantly.

YOU EAT TO YOUR HUNGER. We often bring our old habits into the keto regimen – eating by the clock, in company, when we’re sad. On the keto, we learn to listen to our body’s signals and eat when we feel hungry. How do we know when we’re hungry? That’s simple. Hunger is an instinct. If you ask yourself, “Should I eat?”, you aren’t hungry.

Let’s say you’re doing everything right and you’re still not in ketosis.

Okay, here are some tips.

Coffee + oil (coconut, MCT, butter, ghee, cocoa – depending on your taste). These oils break down to ketone bodies quickly, and coffee stimulates this process even more. This works if you haven’t had carbs for a few days.

Here I show my version of bulletproof coffee with adaptogens.

Starvation. Ketosis is an evolutionarily proven survival mechanism for starvation. If we don’t eat, we start using up our fat reserves after a while. Fasting for 24 hours, drinking water and walking or even exercising (not eating is not enough, you have to use up glycogen in your muscles) is an almost surefire way to get into ketosis.

! It’s not suitable if you can barely go for more than 2-3 hours without eating or if you have an eating disorder. And if you have diabetes, you need to consult your doctor.

Exogenous ketones are a special supplement that can initiate ketosis. It’ll make you feel energetic, but it won’t help your body to produce ketones by itself. It’s useless for those who want to lose weight.

My advice is to be patient (I’ll talk about this separately). If you have been eating sweets and flour for years, your body needs a lot of time to recover so that the cells can “clean” themselves and process the fats. Gradually lengthen the intervals between meals, exercise (but if you exercise a lot, remember that this can disrupt your ketosis!). Stay calm and eat butter, as we say in ketosis.

And now do a self-check!

Fasting regimen that can be perfectly combined with the keto diet:




Coffee promotes ketosis through:

  • caffeine 
  • exogenous ketones 
  • mct

See you soon! If you have any questions, ask them in our FB group!

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