Day 6. How much can I eat!


How’s your keto life treating you? Today is about math, but first, as usual, the answers to the questions in the self-check.

Coffee supports ketosis at the expense of caffeine. And keto fits perfectly with any fasting regimen, as well as three meals a day.

Personally, I eat two meals a day. And that’s my biggest frustration with the keto diet. I love food with all my heart, and the keto diet is so delicious that I want more and more and more. But my stomach refuses.

And you’ll be like that if you aren’t already. Intermittent fasting, which biohackers talk about so much, isn’t a necessary element of the keto. However, excluding split meals is very important.

Our mantra goes like this: eat when hungry until satiated. Eat at your leisure, avoid being distracted by devices, until you feel… oh, that’s good! Plus you won’t feel heavy and sleepy from keto food.

You can look at my plate. Or check out my Instagram stories – I post my food there every day. And receive excited comments. And reproachful ones. Comments that say I eat too much. Or too little. Too monotonous. Or with too much variety.

So, eat exactly as much as you need. To feel good and reach your goals. We don’t count calories on the keto diet – that doesn’t make sense. We don’t base our portions on other people’s. We calculate our own – based on what our bodies need. How do we do that? It’s simple! Click here.

But before you get started, a self-check!

Choose the right option. Split meals:

– provoke insulin resistance

– lead to weight gain

– both answers are correct

We gain side fat when we:

– eat too many calories

– provoke insulin production too much or too often

Stay tuned, tomorrow I’ll give you three more tips that will guarantee you ketosis. A pinch of magic you’ve been missing on the millions of diets you’ve tried. And no, no supplements, powders, or other chemicals. Just biohacking.

Health coach Olena

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