Day 7. Sleep, sex, stress, joy.


I hope you’re in ketosis with me. Do you feel the joy of being?

I’m sure you answered the self-check questions correctly: Eating split meals provokes insulin resistance and leads to weight gain, because we store fat on the sides when we produce too much insulin or too often.

Now, it’s time to tell you why other diets haven’t worked, why you went back to sweet, unhealthy, “non-diet” foods every time.

Because you’re an animal! In a good way. We all try to follow diets “like humans” – with brains and willpower. We assume a useful attitude, convince ourselves that those tasteless lettuce leaves with bland and dry chicken breast are very healthy. We’re permanently  hungry. We weigh our food on the scales. We separate proteins and carbohydrates. And it works – for a short time.

But then the evolution prevails. All of our body systems evolved during times when food was rare, not granted every day. So we are unable to refuse it – what if it’s not given to us tomorrow? And we save it for a rainy day every time we get a chance.

So why is the keto diet different? You could say that we’re “cheating” our bodies, but that is a white lie. It’s natural for our body to use up its own fats, so it saves them. And in order to have plenty of energy for searching for new food sources, we’ve learned to burn fats extremely efficiently. They give us energy for long, long hours, at the same time our mind stays clear and focused, our muscles are taut – we’re in the hunting mode! With the keto diet, we simply recreate this “pseudo hunger” situation for the body. And that’s it.

We can lose weight without sacrificing performance.

We can achieve high mental concentration.

We can be full of energy throughout the day after one meal.

And best of all, it tastes good! Fat and sugar make the food tasty for us. This is also a matter of evolution. Fat gives long-lasting energy, sugar – quick energy. Both were vital for our ancestors, and that’s why we love their taste so much. Fat gives us long-lasting productivity while satisfying our evolutionary need to enjoy food. Keto isn’t a diet, it’s a celebration of flavor. That means there’s no breakdowns.

More specifically, there’s no reason for them. But there are other elements that are important for our health. And if we have problems with them, we’ll try to compensate with food.

Sleep is an extremely productive time when the body lays the foundation for the day’s work. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll be inclined to compensate for the lack of energy with food. Work on your sleep hygiene:

Refrain from using electronic devices a few hours before bed; if that’s not possible, turn all devices to the night mode and use blue light goggles.

Stay away from caffeinated products in the afternoon.

Steer clear of alcohol two to four hours before bedtime.

Don’t eat at night.

Make the bedroom very cool and dark

The bedroom is for sleeping and sex. And for nothing else!

If nothing else helps, introduce supplement support. Sometimes magnesium alone can transform you from a pale insomniac into an alert, well-rested person.

While chronic stress prevents us from going into ketosis, losing weight and recovering, a short positive stress helps to normalize all processes in the body.

Sex charges us with dopamine, commonly known as the “pleasure hormone”, which is produced in response to delicious food, hugs and kisses. And sex also stimulates the production of oxytocin, a stress-reducing hormone. In a broader sense, we need joy for our well-being.

Joy is made up from the basic things that give us pleasure. And they have an evolutionary explanation in one way or another. For example, if we follow a fashion trend, it marks our status (a very important thing in an ancient community) and belonging to a tribe – we humans were able to survive because we banded into tribes. There are a great number of very simple things that bring us joy. We need to learn to notice them and increase that joy (I’m not talking about trendy things now). And if the pleasure of a delicious dinner is one of many, you won’t even notice when you stop eating too much.

I really want you to have more joy in your life. And I wish for you to achieve ketosis. Because with ketosis, we gain access to the “joy of homeostasis,” the healthy self-regulation of the internal environment. When your blood sugar levels are normal and your gut is working well, isn’t that a joy? It’s like a celebration! 

Share the joy with your loved ones – send this link to someone who is sad, and open the magic world of the keto diet to a friend.

And I invite you on a great keto journey – sign up for my personal coaching where we work with nutrition, sleep, stress, and learn to be happy. If you’ve learned a lot in those 7 days, just imagine what awaits you in 12 weeks!

Thank you for being with me this week. It means that we are like-minded people. We are open to new things, we pay attention to the essential things, we question well-worn truths, and we value the joy of learning and the joy of socializing. And I sincerely want to offer you a gift from the bottom of my heart – it’s the 20% discount on my coaching. Sign up for a free consultation, and I’ll tell you how to use the discount and begin your journey to health and longevity.

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