Who we are

We are Rebels. Health coaches, nutritionists and doctors who practice holistic integrative approach to wellbeing and weight management.

And we our women. Mothers. Working mothers. Women with health issues, deadlines, broken hearts.

We won’t lie to you, that healthy living is easy. But we know, how to make live easy and more healthy.

For years, we’ve been fighting  common beliefs and conventional dogma to help people be strong and happy.

We are from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, and we share same values not only in science but also in human rights, liberty, equality and democracy. Part of our revenue goes to funds that help refugees and political prisoners.

If you see grammar mistakes on this site, it only means we are brave enough to start a new business in not native tongue.

We will be happy to share our Knowledge and bravery with you.


Meet the team

Rebels Diet CEO

Olena Islamkina

Founder, CEO, science journalist and LCHF and Primal Health coach. Author of the bestseller, published in Ukrainian and Russian, "Keto Diet. How To Live Long And Think Fast".
"The most powerful practices are pretty simple and totally free. Watching flying bees, walking barefoot, hugging loved ones"

Julia Kiltina Rebels MD

Julia Kiltina

Family doctor, Dietitian
"Hearing the roar of the waves, seeing the dawn rays and drops of dew on the grass, touching a cat's chin, sniffing the crown of a baby - this is healthy lifestyle".

Maria Sorokina

Maria Sorokina

Psychologist, LCHF coach, Coach Supervisor, Tea Master
"Health is not a sprint or a marathon, it's a journey. And everyone has their own way."

Alyona Brukova

Health coach, fitness trainer, Marathon Runner
"The most precious moments in our work are when a person starts to choose a different path in common situations, for example, going for a walk instead of opening the fridge in the stressful moment."

Helen Myakina

LCHF coach, Diabetic coach and advocate, Ironwoman and Marathon Runner
"We give users a new point of view on their food choices and habits. Our advices are easy to follow: not because they're right, but because they do work."

Anna Korableva

Psychologist, LCHF coach
“Most often people come to us to lose weight. At the end they realize, Rebels coaching is not about losing weight, but about changing.”

We know Rebels Diet works

We’ve helped more than 2000 users to lose weight, get fit and become more energetic and productive. 

A lot of weight loss and wellbeing advices are mostly a spherical horse in a vacuum. Sounds nice, but impossible to incorporate into your daily life.

We are different. Our approach is science based and life proven. No matter how many children, jobs, worries and hobbies you have – we know how to find the way to a healthy body and spirit just for you. Join The Rebels Diet Community and finally find answers to your prayers (strikethrough) questions

The Rebels Diet Olena

A complimentary 30 minutes call with Olena, The Rebels Diet founder, a Primal Health and Keto Coach to find out if keto and Primal Living is right for you