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The Rebels Meal Plan

Not a fancy-schmancy meal plan. The meal plan for real life. For those who eat with picky kids, vegan partners, and go for Friday dinners to a grandma, who bakes the best high-carb cakes in the world. 

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What Is Your Goal

Do you want to lose weight? To grow muscles? Become more productive?

Who Interferes

Who eats with you? What do they love? Who usually cooks or orders food for everybody?

What Do You Love

What are your comfort meals? What would you eat all day long, if you forget about a diet?

What Is Spatula

Do you really love cooking or think an oven is a Hell's branch on the Earth?

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“For The First Time In My Dieting Life I'm Not Hungry, I'm Very Energetic And Don’t Think About Food. But I Think A Lot About Sex. Are There Any Researches About The Rebels Diet And Libido?”

Kate G., lost 15 lbs on The Rebels Diet

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