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Hi! My name is Olena, I’m the founder of The Rebels Diet. And here is a deal! Join The Rebels Diet community. You have 7 day free trial. If you decide to stay and pay $15 for the access to the community, you get my consultation.

Consultation $200 FREE

How Can I Help

Think of me as Sherlock Homes or House M.D. My goal is to find the root cause, why you don’t lose weight, don’t feel energetic, are not motivated. I ask a lot of questions about your daily life, not food, and I find the way to fit healthy habits in your life, not to make it run around wellness practices.

I’m your coach

✔️ If you’ve tried millions of diets and haven’t succeeded

✔️ If you feel tired, even fatigue

✔️ If you feel lack of motivation

✔️ If you want to lose weight and become energetic

✔️ If you are ready for changes

And if you are not afraid of my heavy Slavic accent 🤣. Check it here

What you will get

  • After joining the community, you’ll get my questionnaire.
  • Once you fill it out and pay your monthly fee ($15), we set up a video call, where I ask tons of question to understand, what keeps you from your goals.
  • I take up to 2 weeks to send you my recommendation. It can be a meal plan, a set of healthy practices, a choice of healthy food deliveries, blood tests and supplements guide… Or something totally not related to food and fitness. Often we can’t lose weigh, not because of bad food choices, but complitly other things. You will be surprised!
  • Access to The Rebels Diet! We have tons of useful and good organized information about healthy living, recipes, meal plans and supportive community.

Not convinced yet? It’s just you don’t know me and my team yet

From the left: I’m signing my book and breastfeeding my daughter Zoe. Zoe is trying to taste a cake, baked by Maria Emmerich, one of the best world keto experts. My business partner Dmitry and I on a food market, presenting our sugar-free chocolate.
  • I had the biggest Russian-speaking biohacking community for women. Because of the war in Ukraine (I’m Russian, married to an amazing Ukrainian guy) I stopped doing business in Russia.
  • For the last 7 years I’ve worked with thousands of women and helped them to become fit, energized and happy.
  • I published a book about healthy eating in Russian and Ukrainian and launched a brand of chocolate Rebels – no sugar, no B.S. (on hold because of the war).
  • I have a team of keto coaches, nutritionists, MDs, diabetes coaches, fitness coaches. All of them are amazing. Most of them are curly.

I believe, that women and men need different approaches in weight loss management and wellness practices. And that hugs is the most underrated wellness practice

So stop scrolling, sis! You do it, because dopamine makes you. Your receptors become less sensitive to this hormone, you scroll more, eat sugar more, drink more wine and binge-watch Netflix because of it. Just push….

… and go to the sun!

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