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- For Hesitant Ones-

One-month plan. If you're still not sure if you are ready for changes.
$ 50/m
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Personalized one-month meal plan
  • Personalized one-month wellness plan
  • Workbook

- For Daring Ones -

6-month plan. If you've already set the goal and need the right tool.
$ 42/m
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Personalized, adjustable 6-month meal plan
  • Personalized, adjustable 6-month wellness plan
  • Personalized, adjustable 6-month supplement plan
  • Workbook

- For Diligent Ones-

12-month plan. Take our hand and start a journey to a healthy future.
$ 34/m
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Personalized, adjustable 12-month meal plan
  • Personalized, adjustable 12-month wellness plan
  • Personalized, adjustable 12-month supplement plan
  • Personalized biohacking parameter tracking plan
  • Workbook

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Our team

You are in good hands!

Maria Dogonova


An endocrinologist and eating disorders specialist, uses  integrative approach.

Maria Sorokina


Practices gentle approach to people with eating disorders and those who is under a lot of stress.

Elena Myakina

diabetes coach

Enena’s been managing her type I diabetes with low-carb diet and shares her experience.

Kate Zakharova

Keto coach

As a person, who lost more than 40 lbs, she perfectly knows all struggles and traps on the path of weight loss.

Alyona Brukova

Health coach

Alyona’s area of expertise is a keto diet for athletes, soon to be and new mothers.

Olena Islamkina

Keto coach

First certified Russian speaking keto coach, Olena has more than 10 years of keto experience.

The Rebels Diet Olena

A complimentary 30 minutes call with Olena, The Rebels Diet founder, a Primal Health and Keto Coach to find out if keto and Primal Living is right for you