7 ways to make Pumpkin Latte even cooler, tastier, and healthier


Our hearts break into pieces when we read how dangerous Pumpkin Latte is. What if we told you that PSL can help you think faster, be more energetic, and increase your sexuality? Here are 7 proven ways to turn the regular coffee into a biohacking drink.


Take the sugar out of your Pumpkin Latte! Although if you’re reading this stuff, sugar hasn’t been your friend for a long time.  The problem is that sugar can mess with your energy and make you crash. It’s better to avoid it altogether. If you can’t, then at least replace it with an approved sweetener. 


Add 1-2 tablespoons of MST-oil or coconut oil, or GHEE. Get lots of bonuses, like increased production of peptide YY and leptin. They increase – hunger decreases. Rapid delivery of ketones is a priority and our brain’s favorite fuel. Clearer thoughts, more energy. 


Vanilla powder, not syrup with sugar! A pinch of vanilla is unlikely to have an antioxidant effect. But its aroma is soothing and will make your brain perceive coffee sweeter than it really is. 


Collagen Peptides – if it’s part of your daily routine, you can add it to your PSL and make it even healthier. 


Cacao – add 2-3 teaspoons of cacao to your PSL and your latte is no longer a latte, but a mocha – a drink of love. Cocoa, bitter chocolate has been proven to increase libido, drink just before. 


A pinch of salt – will probably bring your electrolyte balance back to normal, plus definitely make the spice flavor brighter. 


Add one or more new spices: anise – qualitatively soothes, turmeric – activates the mitochondria, helps liver function, and when combined with pepper becomes more effective.

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