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Spanish Soup With Ham, Chicken Liver, And Beaten Eggs – Easy For Keto

Natalia Legkikh, the author of the blog @de_light_kitchen, shares how to prepare a Spanish soup that doesn’t even need to be adapted to LCHF—it’s already perfect. Despite my love for French cuisine (how can one not love a cuisine where butter reigns supreme?), I occasionally stray from it. Spanish chefs have been successfully competing with …

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Moscow Mules

Moscow mule

Vitamin, invigorating and intoxicating – even the “Moscow Mule” cocktail can be prepared according to the principles of the keto diet. You’re welcome! The Moscow Mule cocktail has solidified the position of Russian vodka in American bar culture, and we will give it a new reading – without sugar. For this recipe, we need a …

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Vanilla Martini

Not only is there no sugar in this cocktail, but there are also no martinis. But a beautiful serving and the right combination of flavors solve everything. Pour this delicious creamy cocktail into martini glasses, garnish them with erythritol snow, play your favorite music, and celebrate… just about anything!

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