How to choose fats on keto: The best fats and which are better to be avoided

fats on the keto

A quick guide to fats on the keto diet. In five minutes or less, you’ll find out which fats are the best and most essential, and which ones we can do without.

What’s the best fats on the keto? In the 20th century, the guiding principle was to reduce saturated (animal) fats in the diet. Today we know that there is no science behind this recommendation. Animal fat can and should be eaten!

So how do you structure your diet? What kind of fat do you focus on?

Rule 1: The kind that you like best. It will be of no benefit if you eat fat with tears, even though you love salads, generously dressed with olive oil. 

Rule 2: Eat local, seasonal food. Sure, supermarkets have everything year-round. But think about what oils were traditionally used in the place where you lived 100–200 years ago. 

Lifehack: Don’t throw away fat from duck, bacon, etc. If you bake the duck, collect the fat in a jar and use it in cooking. Scrambled eggs, vegetables, even chicken breasts will taste better with animal fat. 

Fats on the keto diet

Animal fats on the keto:

  • Butter and ghee
  • Lard and tallow
  • Duck fat

Plant fats on the keto:

  • Olive oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Macadamia oil

Give up vegetable oils

There are essential fats as well as essential proteins. And those are Omega-3 and Omega-6, essential fatty acids. You need to get them with your food for your body to function healthily. 

It’s believed that in the diet of ancient humans, the proportion was about 1:1 or 1:2. Modern human consumes far too much Omega-6 and far too little Omega-3. 

Omega-6 in modern food is in excess, while Omega-3 is in deficit.

Scandinavians are fortunate to be able to consume naturally fatty wild fish. Everyone else should take Omega-3 regularly.

Omega-6 products, like vegetable oils, shouldn’t be used. Flaxseed oil shouldn’t be on the keto diet either. Omega-3 fatty acids from it are almost not absorbed, which can’t be said about Omega-6.

You shouldn’t take Omega-6 supplements!

You can use olive oil on the keto diet (and even cook with it).Important: only extra virgin olive oil is good for us. Period.

Refined, Pure Olive Oil, Olive Oil, 100% Olive Oil, Virgin Oil, Pomace Olive Oil shouldn’t be used.

And remember:

Eat to satiety. 

Eat juicy fatty parts of meat, the fattest fish, poultry legs and wings. In addition to protein eat salads dressed with olive oil. Listen to yourself.

Eat only high-quality fats and do not drink or eat fats separately from protein.

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