Keto Start: First step – keto Detox

keto detox

Olena Islamkina talked about simple rules for those who have decided to switch to keto. Getting started on the keto diet is easier than you think. The first step: keto detox.

Keto diet: where to start. Keto Detox.

Are you ready to change your life for the better?

Keto is a cool tool to get rid of sugar addiction and painful hunger, heal the body and pump the brain. On a keto diet, you lose weight perfectly – due to fat, not muscles. You also gain energy and feel great.

The Keto rules are Simple

  1. Eat whole, natural fatty foods.
  2. Eat Above Ground Vegetables.
  3. Eat when you are hungry until you feel full.
  4. If you need to google it, you don’t have to eat it.
  5. Eat local, seasonal veggies.
  6. Eat slowly, thoughtfully, and calmly.
  7. Share bread, even if you do not eat bread – gather with beloved ones at a common table.

Task 1: Let’s prepare

Detox – at home, in pockets and bags – clean out everything that does not meet keto principles. Perhaps you are a remarkable personality, but in the moments of keto flu, a person is weak and tends to eat a package of chips along with the packaging.


  • cereals
  • pasta
  • bread
  • sugar, honey, syrups
  • jam
  • cookies, pastries, cakes, sweets
  • fructose and fructose-based products 
  • marshmallow, marmalade
  • vegetable oils (except olive, coconut, and avocado oils)
  • potato
  • sweet soda and zero drinks
  • beer and sweet alcohol
  • processed foods with questionable ingredients
  • fast food
  • sweets, bars, lollipops, gozinaki, chips, glazed nuts and wasabi – that’s it.

Carefully check the “dangerous” places. In addition to the obvious closets, check: bags (Oh! Hello, candy from last year), car glove box, office drawers, jacket pockets, stroller tray and other “baby” places. Get rid of cookies, sweets and other evil things. It’s not good for you or your child. Think about where your family members might keep their junk treats, and clean up there.

What about other family members?

We will discuss this topic later. But for now, a few thought

1. All adults in your family – you partner, parents – are adults. It means, it’s their decision, to join you in this journey or not. Don’t decide for them.

2. Same story with you. You are adult. This is your life and your health. Sugar is toxic for you. It would be weird, if someone would start to push you do not quit smoking. Why should it be different with wrong food?

3. It’s great, when your kids enjoy healthy food. But for many families it’s a long and painful way. Are you now have enough resources to win this battle? If you need to combine your diet with family habits, let start from this: you eat what you eat and add rice, pasta, potato, bread – whatever they like – to kids menu. Later, when you will be stronger, we will discuss strategies for families.

Fun Fact: real detox is BS and doesn’t have any sense

Task 2: Let’s eat

No matter, what is your fist meal of the day, breakfast, lunch, let make it perfect. It should be protein centric. Ok, to be exact, animal protein centric. To be more precise, a part of animal, not its product. Meat, fish, poultry, eggs are ok. Cheese, farmers cheese, cream are not. Not as main dish.

You protein should be natural fatty. Wings, not a chicken breast. Salmon, not Tilapia. Ribeyes, not sirloin. Yes, you can have eggs on breakfast!

Eggs are always good for breakfast. With bacon, roast beef, salmon.

Eat your perfect first meal of the day. Make a room in your busy schedule for it. Feel the taste. Feel the power of healthy food.

If you have some questions about a keto/carnivore diet, biohacking, intermittent fasting don’t hesitate to ask me on Instagram @olenaneskin. Or order a free discovery call with me.

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