Minus 70 lbs: “Keto has one minus – it is expensive to change clothes three times in six months”

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Anna Savchenkova weighed 240 lbs but did not want to lose weight. She went on a keto diet to be able to run marathons.

“I have always been chubby. And when I met my husband, we found out that we both love to eat. I didn’t go in for sports and so gradually reached the weight of 220 lbs.

I tried to lose weight on a healthy diet. I lost a few pounds, but could not keep the result. It turned out to be a yo-yo: lose 10, then gain 12. And again, and again. So, I came to 235 lbs. Then I got pregnant and reached 258 lbs.

When my son was one year old, I first read about keto. I just didn’t get it: eating a lot of fat is not harmful? Chicken breast, the best meat for weight loss, does not help to lose weight? What? No way!

I started with the easiest step: I refused dairy and gluten. Heaviness, swelling, and indigestion were gone. Then I decided to try LCHF. I started reading Olena’s Instagram (The Rebels Diet founder) and bought her book.

I got a dream to run a 10-km marathon. With training and LCHF I went down to 187 lbs and ran my first marathon in 1 hour and 10 minutes.

But then relocation, house repairs, quarantine happened… I started eating sweets and I couldn’t stop. When I gained 240 lbs, I decided: time to return to keto.

It seemed nothing complicated: I knew everything – just do it! But I wanted “here and now” result, and this was the path to failure.

I realized that I needed support, and asked Olena and her coaches for help. They told me what to do and I just followed their advice.

Everything went well, without keto flu or other side effects of the diet. After 5 days I woke up at six in the morning and realized that I had a good night’s sleep and was full of energy. The weight went down as well.

Keto is great, but I have to warn you: there is one minus. It is expensive to change clothes three times in six months. I lost weight from size 3XL to M, now I weigh 170 lbs and continue to lose weight. But the main thing for me is running, and losing weight is a pleasant “side effect”.

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