Sex and Keto

Sex and Keto

There are a lot of surprising questions people ask about sex and keto. For example, how to calculate macros when having oral sex. We at Rebels are not prudes, so we answer.

How are sex and keto related? The keto diet helps your hormones come back to normal and gives you lots of energy. So it’s no surprise that libido increases. And with it, unexpected questions come. For example…

Is sperm keto-friendly?

Ejaculate is usually 2 to 5 ml (an average of 3.4), a teaspoonful that contains ascorbic and citric acid, cholesterol, zinc, chlorine, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and even – oh my god! – fructose. Not keto-friendly? Just wait.

How many calories are in sperm?

There’s no exact answer. It depends on a man’s age, health, and diet. We can talk about numbers from 5 to 25 calories per serving.

How many proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are in sperm?

If you calculate the average calories and macros value of a standard serving of 3.4 ml, it has 6 mg of fat, 11 mg of carbs, and 171 mg of protein. That is, the proportions are not ketogenic but rather paleo. Based on the numbers, sperm is an excellent source of protein.

Do sperm and eggs contain the same amount of protein?

There is a study that says that 5 ml of ejaculate contains 252 mg of protein. The same amount of eggs contains 366 mg. But both eggs and ejaculate can vary greatly from chicken to chicken and from man to man. So, yes, there is about as much protein in semen as there is in egg protein. Still, don’t rely on this source if you decide to try egg fasting. 

Bottom line

Sperm is a natural, whole-food product with a lot of protein. You can have it on a keto diet. But it makes us want to add, “Don’t forget to add healthy fats.”

Sex and keto

Does keto destroy testosterone?

Absolutely not! However, the keto diet do affect on our sex hormone testosterone. It’s known as a male sex hormone, but actually men and women has it both. Normal (according biological sex) level of testosterone makes libido strong, help to burn fat and build muscles. Low testosterone in men is very common issue because of the modern way of living.

How to increase testosterone

  • make good sleep (in full darkness from at least 10 pm) your priority
  • lift heavy things – weight training and (HIIT) boost testosterone levels
  • keep your work outs under sane control – to much work out lower testosterone
  • practice meditations, relaxation
  • practice intermitting fasting with good feating during feeding window
  • go keto!

Testosterone is a steroid hormone derived from cholesterol!

Does ketosis affect fertility?

Surprisingly, in women the keto diet usually lower the level of testosterone. And it’s a good news. From studies we know, in women with PCOS, a keto diet lowers unnaturally high testosterone. Anecdotally, all keto coaches has a bunch of gratitude messages from women: thanks for my baby!

Sperm and intermittent fasting

From a keto perspective, the amount of sperm is still not significant enough to seriously write it down on the keto calculator. What about intermittent fasting? Will any driblet make a difference?

IF experts most often agree that a serving of food under 50 calories will have no effect on intermittent fasting. Usually, those who want to last on IF are recommended to take MCT oil, a pure fat that has no effect on blood sugar or insulin, when they’re having a hard time. Serum is a protein product on which insulin is secreted, which means it could have an effect on IF. But in no way in the amount of 5 ml. Even the most caloric ejaculate will not interrupt IF. So you can set aside your food diaries.

Bottom line

Sperm doesn’t interrupt intermittent fasting and has no effect on ketosis. Sex is a great biohacking tool, so enjoy it without the guilt.

Want to increase your libido?

We are here for you! We’ve made a visual guide. No more questions, what you can and can’t eat on the keto diet. We’ve checked carbs everywhere and make a clear summary.

Botton line

  • semen (cum, sperm, ejaculate) is keto friendly
  • sex on keto is better because the level of testosterone goes normal both in men and women
  • keto diet can be beneficial for fertility
  • sperm does have carbs, but overall calories is so low, that we can ignore carbs in semen
  • sperm doesn’t affect IF


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