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Time To Rebel

Did you know women spend three times as many hours on unpaid domestic and care work as men? No surprise, you don’t have time and energy for working out, or making a relaxation practice. Some day we don’t have time to eat properly, because we busy taking care of everybody in our family was not hungry.


Did you know that most of clinical trials in health area made on men? It explains why you follow all science proven practices and can’t lose weight or gain muscles.


Did you know ⅓ women in The US are currently on a diet, while in men this number is ¼. We feel everyday pressure how we should look and act. We start dieting at school because, a girl should be… You know.


We are tired of this B.S. The Rebels Diet community is a safe space, where we learn to restore ourselves, listen our bodies and take care of them.

What's inside?

Like-minded community
Share your experience, get support, cheer up your sisters on the health path
Courses, webinars, Q&A's
Best educational resources from experienced coaches, nutritionists and MD.
Meal Plans, Recipes, Tips
Tons of ideas, how to make grocery affordable, and cooking quick and easy.

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For 7 years of coaching, we’ve supported over 3 000 people on their way to losing weight, becoming healthier. 



How it works

We do believe low-carb lifestyle is the best dietary approach. But it can be flexible from almost zero carbs on carnivore diet to 150 g carbs on liberal LCHF. 

Our main rule: if you need to google the ingredients of your food you shouldn’t eat it. 

This is the place, where you get support and full acceptance on your way to health. In The Club, our сoaches share their knowledge, thoughts, recipes, and tested working health practices. In The Community, you can read posts, take courses, enjoy live streams and webinars. You can choose a coach for individual work if you need. Or you can contribute to the community by sharing your recipes, ideas, and success stories!

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Let us know if we can make your experience better. You can chat with any Host or Moderator inside the community to give us feedback.

If you need to stop the subscription, you can do it any time from your profile.

We’ve seen a lot of “hopeless cases” and know how to deal with them. We will find a suitable option for you.

The most important part of out approach is we don’t focus on meal plans, we work on different aspects.

You won’t believe it, but we might ask you to stop working out for a while. Or will give you an assignment to hug your beloved ones.

We think most of the problems with weight, sleep and wellbeing are modern diseases of civilization. Getting nutrients from natural food, not from pills, is a primal way to become strong and happy.


If you don’t mind, sometimes we discuss baked pork here. But we respect your choice and we do know, how to make a keto diet suitable for vegans.

The Rebels Diet Club is not only about food. We talk about sleep, stress management, workout, and biohacking practices. But first, we support each other on the way to health.

This feature is coming very soon, we will post about it in the community!

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