How intermittent fasting helps during the war

Ukraine war Lviv

The war caught Elena on a business trip to Lviv. This Ukrainian city is relatively safe. Elena tells us how her diet has changed since the beginning of the war.

On February 18, my husband and I arrived in Lviv. An ordinary business trip that should have lasted a week or two turned into a month-long hotel stay. The hotel room was entirely unsuitable for cooking: no refrigerator, no microwave, not at least some mini-stove. Therefore, there was no question of any full-fledged keto food when the war began. And I had zero appetite.

The first few days I only consumed black coffee and dry sausages. Then, for a couple of weeks, I ate store-bought sandwiches, in which 90% of the volume falls on gluten rolls. Then salads with mayonnaise, buckwheat, and cutlets from the culinary went on sale.

Oddly enough, I didn’t want any sweets at all: once I was drawn to junk food, but the story ended with a bar of dark chocolate (alas, not black). I was sure that I would gain weight in a month of eating food loaded with carbs, but this did not happen: I think a year and a half on a low-carb diet made me more metabolically flexible.

Eating two times a day also played a considerable role: intermittent fasting was beneficial, especially in the first week of the war, when there was neither time nor possibility to cook and eat.

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And although my body didn’t change visually, the face still became more swollen, and the speed and quality of thought processes dipped significantly. I do not know what is to blame in the first place – stress, carbohydrates, or everything all at once. Now, after the refrigerator and stove appeared in my life again, I gradually try to return to low-carb lifestyle.

A slab of bacon in the fridge confirms my intentions. It’s hard to say how the situation will change, so I can’t even imagine if I will be able to adhere to a low-carb diet fully. But I hope so. And I’m already looking forward to drinking some wine with dark chocolate for our victory when the war is over.

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