Mariia Dohonova, MD

Mariia Dohonova is a medical doctor specializing in internal medicine and endocrinology and a nutritionist.

Maria has a diploma from National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya, completed an internship at Odesa National Medical University, and got a specialization in endocrinology at Vinnytsya University. 

She works in Odesa, Ukraine, as a family doctor, endocrinologist, and dietitian. 

She regularly takes part in seminars, conferences, master classes, and schools of endocrinology for advanced training. 

Maria has a genetic predisposition to obesity and understands well the psychological struggles her patients face. She is a very empathic person, so all of this makes her a perfect doctor to work with overweight people.

Maria adores cooking. She says it’s her mental yoga. She knows for sure that healthy eating isn’t boring.

“I love walking in the marina to see and smell the Black Sea. I love dancing and watching the sun go down under the water. But now I really miss the Carpathian Mountains,” she says.

Maria stays in Odesa during the war, continuing to help her city and her patients.

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