The story of Elena from Chernigiv. The city was under attacks from the first day of the war until April, 6. By official information, at least 350–400 people were killed. After The Russian army retreated, the city experiences problem with water and electricity.

I’ve been living in Chernigov for 41 years and adore my old and glorious city.

I’ve been to many countries, from Singapore to Mexico, but I’ve never wanted to live in other places.

That’s why on February 24, I decided to stay at home. Moreover, I never believed in this war. 

That day, I was calm and optimistic. I went to the shop and bought some food: butter, cheese, nuts, meat, and cod liver for several days. We expected it would be over within 2-3 days. How wrong we were.

Our Chernihiv was attacked constantly. Bombs destroyed a stadium near my house. It was the most awful night. We counted every bomb and closed our eyes and ears.

One day, I went to a market under shelling and got lucky to buy jamon, ghee, mascarpone, and other superfoods that most people don’t take, but not us.

10 days later, we had no water, no electricity, and no gas in our house. Thanks to our neighbors, who left keys, we could live and take food from their kitchens. We cooked on fire.

I was happy that I had been practicing fasting for one year because sometimes I needed to refuse food to feed my 13-year-old son. I ate salt, multivitamins, magnesium, and potassium, saving my health and even losing 5 kilograms (I was 65 kg, so, actually, I didn’t have excess weight).

I didn’t eat the white bread that we had for free as humanitarian aid. It’s better to eat nothing than anything. Everybody was so excited about bread, but didn’t understand that after it, hunger would be worse. It’s sad that people don’t educate themselves about their health.

A tragic story happened in Chernihiv. People died in the line for the bakery – a bomb killed 10 citizens.

I didn’t even have the thought of quitting my low-carb diet and my way of healthy living. I did my workout constantly – in our shelter basement, outside during breaks between alarms. 

My story must not sound very tragic because we are a very optimistic family. We cursed, we were scared, but we didn’t experience this paralyzing fear.

Just think: we need to survive, help each other, and continue working. 

Thank God our house is safe; just the windows were damaged. But we are alive, and everything bad is almost forgotten. Life comes back to the city; people try to fix infrastructure and open businesses.

But my heart breaks when I see the rest of the houses in Chernihiv, Mariupil, Sievierodonetsk and other destroyed cities, because I can feel everything that they feel.

Bottom line: even when you live in luxury conditions, you should love fasting, practice cold therapy, and engage in sports. Life is changeable!

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