The doctor says you can eat ice cream when you have a sore throat

sore throat ice cream

You asked, so the Rebels answer. Today is on the agenda: how to get rid of a sore throat? The strangest but quite effective way is to eat ice cream. Now, the doctor tells us how it works and why.

Is Ice Cream Good for a Sore Throat?

How many times as a child have you heard, “Don’t eat ice cream. It’s cold, so your throat will hurt!” It was frightening for nothing. It can’t be like that. Moreover, with a sore throat, ice cream is possible and even necessary!

Julia Kiltina, nutritionist, family doctor, and Rebels Diet doctor, says:

“Ice cream won’t worsen the situation. Even on the contrary, when we eat cool food, vessels are narrowed and swelling of the throat is reduced. It does not cure the disease, but it alleviates the symptoms.

There is an opinion that sugar feeds pathogenic microflora. But there is no research indicating that the growth of bacteria in the throat correlates with the amount of sugar eaten. But we do know that eating sugar increases the risk of tooth decay, and sugary alcohol-based sweets, such as erythritol and xylitol, reduce this risk.”

Does ice cream affect a sore throat?

First, let’s find out what can cause a sore throat.

Sometimes a sore throat is confused with gastroesophageal reflux, when there is a discharge of acidic stomach contents into the throat and it hurts, most often in the morning.

But there are two main causes: respiratory viruses (there are dozens of them) and bacteria (staphylococci, streptococci, and others).

But even if they got into the body, you’re not necessarily sick. The immune system can cope with them, and you do not even notice anything.  

Julia Kiltina, nutritionist, family doctor, and Rebels Diet doсtor, adds, “In addition to viruses and bacteria, your throat can get sick:

  • Because of hypothermia, but not localized. It takes a lot of freezing to do it in its entirety; the power of ice cream is not enough.
  • During chronic tonsillitis. Inflamed tonsils do not do a good job as a barrier, and it is easy to catch an infection. But in this case, ice cream won’t worsen the situation.”

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