Keto And Libido: How It Affects Sex Drive And Orgasms

keto libido and sex drive

The keto diet will definitely affect your sex drive. It can make it lower, but in most cases, with the ketogenic diet, your sex drive and desire would skyrocket bigger and orgasms become more vivid. This is why.

As you may know, the keto diet is a cure for all diseases (nope). Neophytes often think that all changes in their lives happened because of the keto diet. And experienced low-carbers spread gossip about sex on the keto diet. They claim, that orgasm on keto is more vivid and libido is higher.

Actually, I claim it too. Whole food, ketosis, and healthy fats do change our biochemistry on different levels. On very pleasant levels, either. But first, let’s speak about situations when the keto diet busts one dangerous myth.

Does keto cause erectile dysfunction?

The question if keto cause erectile dysfunction is a popular topic on Reddit. But usually, those discussions finish with messages like “LOL, I’m 42, and I could post a video to prove the opposite”.

Researches don’t show any decrease in libido or potency in the long run on the keto diet. Even opposite. For example, the Effectiveness of a Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet on Testicular Function in Overweight/Obese Men (2020) research showed, that the keto diet may improve erectile function and levels of sex hormones.

Can keto lower sex drive?

  • Sex drive on the keto diet can decline. In the very beginning, on keto transition, keto flu happens. Headache, low energy, weakness, sickness, dizziness – those symptoms don’t promote desire.
    Solution: keto flu comes and goes. Try to relax, don’t push yourself to any energetic activity, and drink a lot of water, bone broth, and electrolytes. In a few days, you’ll feel much better and your libido will come back.
  • You may experience dryness on the keto diet. Usually, we talk about dry mouth. It happens because the level of insulin becomes normal, kidneys work better and we lose a lot of water. And it’s good news. Edema disappears, and the body becomes lighter and thinner. But, alas, down there lube reduction is also possible.
    Solution: water, water, and water again. Drink it salted, with electrolytes, and it will help to retain liquid. Place glasses of water right beside your bed (or any place you make love). Or a glass of bone broth, if you are a weirdo. A lubricant will not be superfluous.

How does the keto diet make libido higher and orgasms more vivid?

  1. National Sleep Foundation research shows that a quarter of Americans are too tired to have sex regularly. Similar British research says, that tiredness is the main reason to skip sex.
    On the keto diet, people often have more energy. Use it as you want! For sex, for example.
  2. Excess weight lower or even kill self-esteem. It’s hard to concentrate on pleasure when you think about how to hide “not ideal” parts of the body.
    The keto diet is very effective for weight loss. But, more important, it changes our brain biochemistry and helps us be more concentrated, calm, and confident. You just know, your body is perfect for sex!
  3. Excess weight and low-fat diets change sex hormones in men – both estrogen and testosterone.
    On the keto diet, weight becomes normal, and fat from food helps your body to produce sex hormones, which make your life and sex better.
  4. Mediated cause, linked to the keto diet. People with a normal level of vitamin D have a normal sex drive because this hormone-like vitamin is needed for building testosterone.
    On the keto diet, we pay more attention to different aspects of health, for example, vitamin deficits. The main source of vitamin D is sun exposure, but keto food also contains it. Cod and beef liver, and fish help to maintain a good level of this important vitamin.
  5. The main reason. On the keto diet, the brain works better. The keto diet is used for the treatment of patients with neuro diseases, they show better cognitive function, when in ketosis. Mass General Hospital research, published in 2020, showed, that ketosis can improve brain function in healthy adults (it’s evident for those, who practice the keto diet, and it’s cool when science can prove it).
    Desire is something, that happens in the brain. As well as a woman’s orgasm. For the climax, you don’t need just physical stimulation, but first of all, you need your brain to get caught. On carb-loaded diets, the brain is often inflamed and doesn’t work to all its capacity. When on the keto diet, you can get all pleasure in the world. Eat bacon and enjoy. 


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