Olena Islamkina

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Olena Islamkina is a science journalist, a writer, and a health advocate. She is the founder of The Rebels Diet as well as Cilantro, the largest blog about the keto diet and biohacking in the Russian language.

She is a regular expert for Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, and TV shows as a keto and wellness coach.

Her book, “The Keto Diet: How to Live Long and Think Fast,” has been published in the Ukrainian and Russian languages and become a bestseller.

She has published over 10 recipe books on her own and in collaboration with other incredible health advocates and chefs.

“My first book (with the amazing Lily Voronina) is very unexpected. Its title is “Orthodox Fasting on the Keto Diet”. I felt it would be very useful to my readers, and I was right. Then, with Aaliyah, we made a book of recipes and fasting advice called “Ramadan for Biohackers”. This is one of my favorite aspects of my work – both in journalism and coaching – to try to put myself in other people’s shoes and figure out what is best for him or her.”

As a result of being in others’ shoes, Olena created a smart sugar-free chocolate “Rebels.” Due to the war in Ukraine, Olena and her team paused this business. She said, “First – victory, then we will drink prosecco and eat healthy chocolate.”

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