Julia Kiltina, MD

Julia Kiltina Rebels MD

Julia Kiltina is a primary care physician who also specializes in nutrition science.

She graduated from the Medical Academy with honors. Then she completed an internship in therapy and professional retraining in dietetics. Now Julia works as a physician and is Head of the Department at a psycho-neurological boarding school in Ivanovo.

For the last 3 years, Dr. Kiltina has been a contributor to Cilantro, the biggest blog about the keto diet and biohacking in the Russian language.

She is the science editor of Rebels Diet posts and educational materials as well.

Her own blog, @doc.internat, is dedicated to families whose relatives suffer from neurological diseases. She educates readers on how to help a person with mental decline and how to cope in situations when your loved one is losing his/her personality. This is a non-profit project through which Julia contributes to helping this silent community.

Julia’s also created an educational program for nurses working with neurological patients.

Julia says, “Hearing the roar of the waves, seeing the dawn rays and drops of dew on the grass, touching a cat’s chin, sniffing the crown of a baby – this is a healthy lifestyle.”

She backs up her word with action. Doctor Kiltina not only follows the keto diet but also takes a 30-minute walk every day. Her meditative hobby is cross-stitching, and her active hobby is building a house. Julia is building it with her own hands.

“I love quality medical science-pop, quiet and nature. I live in the countryside and am happy about it. So if I’m suddenly not at home, I’m on a chaise lounge under a birch tree, with another book in my hands,” she says. Most often, Julia reads in the company of her son, Semyon, while a cat and a dog are lying at their feet.

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