“Potatoes every day. I cannot stand it anymore. I’m afraid that multiple sclerosis will return.”

Anya from the Ukrainian town Chernihiv, thanks to the keto diet, lost 43 kilograms and went into remission of multiple sclerosis. Now she is hiding from the war in the village, where the main available product is potatoes. All her results are in jeopardy.

17 years ago, I had facial paresis and was put under regular medical check-ups.

In 2009, 11 years ago, I got a trauma – physical and emotional, after which I began to gain weight rapidly. I’ve tried varied diets including a “healthy diet”. As a result, I’ve got an eating disorder. No, it wasn’t overeating. Quite the opposite, I didn’t want to eat at all. At the same time, the excess weight came to me from nowhere.

6 years ago, the left half of my body was paralyzed. Even the eye (I mean, the iris with the pupil) rolled down to the bridge of the nose.

On the MRT, my brain glowed like a Christmas tree. There were 22 inflammations of the brain and brain stem. Inflammations were reduced with elephant-sized doses of cortisol.

How I switched to keto

The weight continued to rise. I went to an endocrinologist, and passed the glucose tolerance test, among other tests. My sugar under load was 3.3. The doctor said it was diabetes.

I was shocked and asked the doctor: what should I do? She answered: eat less and exercise more! The trick was, at that time I have already had 12 workouts a week. I worked as a hatha yoga and a body ballet instructor. Also, I trained on a spin track. I ate almost nothing: cereals, dry chicken breast, and a lot of coffee.

кето РС
Anya lost 43 kg on keto

Obviously, when I heard my doctor’s advice, I was angry at her. How could I eat less and exercise MORE than I already did? So, I tried to live in the same mode, but when the weight exceeded +20 kg, I stopped doing yoga and ballet, despaired, and gave up. I got depressed.

I almost buried myself. But I found a little amusement in nail art.

About 3 years ago, I accidentally saw a famous Instagram nail master, who lost a lot of weight. She told it was thanks to keto. So, by chance, I found out about keto. I was reading, researching, and trying. At first I bought a menu calculation from one keto coach. Things moved a little, but somehow it went hard and was not clear. Later I went to keto courses, began to read more. I digested the information, puzzled out to move in the right direction.

keto food Ukraine
“Carnivore diet from pre-war life. When I got into it, my mother wondered why I was “torturing” myself and persuaded me to eat at least half of a potato once a week.  Now she supports me and doesn’t want to eat potato or even see it”.

And the ice has broken! Not fast in terms of weight, but much better in terms of well-being. I felt more joyful and energetic.

A year ago, I did the MRT with contrast (and other tests). Doctors couldn’t even find scars after past inflammations! But warned me about my high cholesterol. It would be too crazy to make the doctors change their minds, explaining that cholesterol “fixed” my myelin sheaths. I didn’t even try. I lied when I promised them to eat less fat.

Keto diet after February 24

I am from Chernihiv, a town that was almost destroyed by invaders. The first of days of the war, me and my family were at home and did not believe what was happening to us. Everything seemed to be unreal. And then in the window, we saw a bomb falling down into the neighboring area.

I gathered my mother, daughter, and all our cats, grabbed some food, and run away to the village. Later, we sheltered another family. Now there are 7 people, 6 cats and a dog in the house.

Some of the little furry guys we share food with.

Carnivore? Keto? Nice joke. Meat? We have a kilo a day for all eaters. There are only potatoes in the cellar. I haven’t eaten potatoes for 5 years before. I gave up eating it long before switching to keto and carnivore. And now. Potatoes. Every. Day. I can’t stand it.

“This is me in the village. The first photo is a joke that the war can make you do unexpected things, like smoking a pipe, and the second is “a potato invader”

On keto, I lost 43 kg, and now I feel that I am gaining excess fat back. Forgotten headache and gastrointestinal tract disorder, “twitching of the picture” (it’s when you can’t focus) came back, and the knees began to hurt again. I’m afraid, this horror (multiple sclerosis) will return. I’m hoping as soon as the war ends, I will come back to keto, and finally, I’ll eat to the fill!

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